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Bears In Bottom Five In Cash Spent on Players in 2011

During the NFLPA's annual meeting with agents, they released statistics showing how much money each team spent on players. Along with Tampa Bay, Cleveland, Jacksonville, and Miami, the Bears were smack in the middle of the bottom five in that listing. Something else these five teams have in common is that none of them had an above .500 record (ignoring for a moment the Bears were well on their way until Thumb-mageddon occured).

Now before the calls start for the Bears to spend more and more and more money, thereby ensuring Super Bowls for twenty years running, Brad Biggs also would like to point out (something apparently the NFLPA forgot) the top five in spending (Carolina, Oakland, Indianapolis, Arizona, and Pittsburgh) didn't do so well either - finishing a combined 36-44 (with Pittsburgh in the playoffs at 12-4) combined to the bottom five's 27-53.

So what do we learn from this? Spending money is helpful, but it doesn't help when A) the most important money spent in on the bench (see Manning, Peyton; Cutler, Jay; and Forte, Matt) and B) the rest of the money is spent on pieces that don't play the game of football as well as others. The most important part of spending money on a team is to get the most value for the talent, and make sure it's enough to get to the Super Bowl.