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Febearary Fever - Berenstain Bears vs Ling Ling

Only two matchups left in the first round of Febearary Fever - hey, its almost March! - and today we have well-read bears versus one popular real-life panda. The #3 Berenstain Bears were the creation of husband-wife literary team Jan & Stan Berenstain (hence the name). Over 300 books were created featuring the bears, which have sold over 260 million copies since 1962. So if you've never heard of them, your parents must have had mixed feelings about you (kidding!). Also, the Berenstain bears could be a sentimental favorite with the recent passing of co-author Jan Berenstain last week.

At #6 we have Ling Ling, a pawn of "Panda Diplomacy" in the early nineties between China and Japan (and not the Drawn Together character). The giant panda was arguably the most popular worldwide attraction during her time at the Japanese Ueno zoo, with over 3.5 million people a year visiting the Ling Ling-featured zoo.