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Photo-caption Extravaganza: Bears G.M. Phil Emery

That guy on the right there is new Chicago Bears General Manager Phil Emery. A lot was made about his meticulously paced, some even called it a boring press conference. It was a lengthy presser yet some believe he really didn't say anything of substance. Here are the rules for this caption contest.

We've all had those days when we couldn't get a particular song out of our head, and maybe the long pauses in the Phil Emery presser was because of just that. In this afternoons Photo-caption Extravaganza you are tasked with telling us what song lyric you think Mr. Emery has running through his mind. Remember to rec your favorites and the winner will receive* a hand written congratulatory note from Adam T.

* Actually the winner may or may not receive the note. And I'm leaning towards no note. But I'll add a comment congratulating you on the win. Actually I might not do that either... Maybe you shouldn't be so needy and attention starved. If you get the most recs you should probably just accept the satisfaction of being the winner.