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FanPost of the Week

Here at Windy City Gridiron, we have some of the best writers on the web producing countless numbers of articles daily, but we also have many great contributors that come from our readers.

It seems high time we start pointing some of them out.

This week's highlighted FanPost is Why Phil Emery Was the Right Choice For GM by Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter

In this FanPost, Erik lays out why he thinks the Bears made the right call at GM.

One of the primary goals here at WCG, is to promote discussion. This FanPost topped 55 comments and if you based on the 136 out of 150 votes agreeing, it looks like most are on board.. If you haven't given it a read and put your two cents in, you should get in on the debate.

That's someone who we need running this situation, as when Jerry Angelo was running the show, everything seemed dysfunctional and unorganized. Being someone who happened to work at the U.S. Naval Academy deserves respect, to say the least. Also read from time to time that he was compared to Ted Thompson in regards to his work method and strategy. He will be more of a hands-on type GM in regards to the scouting process.

Great work, Erik! Keep them coming.