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Thoughts From NFL Super Bowl Edition

All hail Pete Dixon and his playoff predictions!!! Pete finished at 8-3, just edging out David Taylor for the WCG Crown. And speaking of head-wear, click on the link to see what Taylor's avatar is sporting thanks to his bet with Pete. And who was the loser in our little WCG playoff predictions contest? I'll not mention her name, that way she can carry on in anonymity. It'll be our little secret. As far as the Super Bowl goes, it was a good game. It was hard to really get into the action with New York and New England, two teams I don't care for, going at it. I found myself looking more forward the the breaks in the action and the supposed stellar commercials... Which were not stellar. On to my Thoughts.

1) It was good to see the Bears represented so well. Mike Ditka was shown prowling the SBXX sideline in the NBC open. Gale Sayers was running through the Packers, much to the dismay of Vince Lombardi, in an commercial. The commercial ended up with Lovie Smith watching Devin Hester score a TD. Then I was surprised to see Brian Urlacher pop up in a cell phone commercial. Da. Bears.

2) My rooting intentions for the game was going to be on the Pats, even though I picked the G-Men. But as soon as the game started I found my intense desire to be right overwhelm my dislike for the Giants and I was solidly behind Eli Manning. Weird...

3) Of all the QBs playing today, who would you want under center in a big game comeback situation? Has Eli Manning elevated his play to the top of that list?

4) My favorite commercials in no particular order were the naked M&M's, the Star Wars VW, and The Avengers trailer. I thought the Doritos commercial took the premise too far with the dog at the window with another bag. I found the cheetah attack humorous. The Ferris Bueller commercial was good, but I was told the online version was better. I'm not a fan of the talking babies, but the speed dating line, although a little creepy, did get a chuckle out of me.

5) We ended up hosting an impromptu Super Bowl party, and I feel it's my duty to pass along this little nugget. Slather some guacamole on a BLT for a scrumptious sandwich.

6) I heard this morning that the safety the Giants scored cost Vegas around a million dollars.

7) Mario Manningham made a great catch, one that is sure to replayed countless times throughout history, but I still don't want to see him in a Bears uni in 2012.

8) That was a heady play by Giants MLB Chase Blackburn, staying with Rob Gronkowski and picking off the under thrown Tom Brady pass.

9) Where do you stand in the Patriots decision to allow the Giants to score that late 4th quarter TD? I think it was the right call.

10) Why yes, that is former Bears DE Mark Anderson sacking Eli Manning in that picture above. He ended the day with a sack and a half. And in other news; The Bears are looking for a pass rushing threat to play DE opposite Julius Peppers in 2012.