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NFL Offseason Dates to Remember

Well, the Super Bowl is finished, and while the Bears weren't participating, at least neither were those cheeselovers up north (or those Clint Eastwood-backed, Eminem-loving, car-making up and comers from Detroit). So begins another offseason, full of hope and optimism - especially now that Jerry Angelo has been shown the door. Hit the jump to check out the important NFL dates to mark in your Blackberry (just kidding, unless this is 1999).

Feb. 20 - First Day to Franchise Tag Players

Feb. 22-28 - NFL Combine

March 5 - Deadline to Apply Franchise Tag

March 13 - Free Agency Period Begins at 4 pm

Mid-April - OTAs begin for all teams (maximum of 10 OTAs)

Late April - 2012 NFL season schedule is released

April 26 - First Round of NFL Draft

April 27 - Second and Third Rounds of NFL Draft

April 28 - Fourth through Seventh Rounds of NFL Draft

Late July - Training Camps Begin

Early August - Preseason Games Begin

September 6 - Giants open the regular against a TBA opponent