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Jay Cutler has Chicago's Best Smile

Yes, this post screams 'Off season fluff!', and so what... It is what it is! With the Bears filling their QB coach position, they only have one more assistant position available. WCG will be all over that when a new OL coach is hired. The NFL is in a bit of a dead period, so be sure to check out T.J.'s Offseason Dates to Remember to see when things will heat up again. On to the Fluff! When the quarterback of the Chicago Bears receives any positive news, it deserves some front page attention. Members of the Chicago Dental Society were surveyed about which Chicago sports captain had the best smile and after the jump we have the result...

1) Jay Cutler - Chicago Bears (41%)

2) Jonathan Toews - Chicago Blackhawks (22%)

3) Derrick Rose - Chicago Bulls (21%)

4) Brian Urlacher - Chicago Bears (5%)

When it comes to endorsements Cutler stays away, but his people could spin this into a Public Service Announcement about good dental hygiene.