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Tim Holt Hired by the Chicago Bears to Coach the O-Line

The coaching staff would appear set with the addition of Tim Holt, late of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, to coach the offensive line. Bears head coach Lovie Smith had this to say:

"He’s the perfect fit," Smith told "He’s an impressive guy; a young coach coming up through the ranks. I think he’s going to bring something to the room. He’s exactly what we were looking for at that position."

Holt has 17 years coaching experience, 14 in college and the last 3 with the Bucs. In 2011 he was their assistant o-line coach.

"He went to Tampa as an intern and did such a good job that they let him come back for training camp," Smith said. "They then kept him around for the entire season. He was sleeping on couches down there just to work. He spent three years down there working his way up, doing it the right way."

Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice will continue to work closely with the offensive line.