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2012 WCG Awards: Chicago Bears Newcomer of the Year

Last week, we started awarding our own series of awards dedicated to the Chicago Bears, which Chris Conte won in unanimous fashion. This time, we're handing an award (and we'll take your recommendation for names - the Grizzlies? The WCG-ies?) out to the Newcomer of the Year - the best free agent signing, draft pick, trade target, or otherwise recently acquired player. And remember how I said Conte won unanimously (and set the record for number of Chris Conte mentions in a single FP story)? Not so this time. Hit the jump and see how the WCG staffers voted...

Lester's Pick: P Adam Podlesh - The big free agent acquisition punted for the 6th most yards in franchise history and had the 9th best yards-per-punt in Bears history. Honorable Mention to Chris Conte.

TJ's Pick: RB Marion Barber - Discount his two hiccups and he brought a needed element (short-yardage back) to the team.

Sam's Pick: P Adam Podlesh - First Bears punter to have an over-40 yard average for a season.

Stephen's Pick: OT Gabe Carimi - While he didn't see a lot of playing time because of injury, he showed clear improvement every week he took the field and, health willing, will hold down the right edge of our offensive line for years to come.

Kev's Pick: OG Chris Spencer - Spencer stepped in and played adequately-to-well in many situations, and without his presence the Bears may have been forced to leave Louis at RG and play Omiyale a lot.

Pete's Pick: OG Chris Spencer - "My choices are the same as Kev's." No joke.

Dane's Pick: QB Josh McCown - I don't want to nominate anyone, since no one made a significant enough impact to warrant recognition. But, if I had to choose, I'd say Cade McNown. Or Luke McCown. Or Josh McCown... Whichever one was on our roster. Why? I just don't know.

Steven's Pick: OG Chris Spencer - Thought the signing was a tad risky when he was picked up by the Bears in Free Agent Mania, but after getting in after a couple games, played solidly enough to warrant the second year of his contract. And anything that keeps Omi-Ole! from playing offensive tackle is aces in my book.

So with that, with three votes, we're naming Chris Spencer as our Newcomer of the Year. What say you?

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