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Nick Toon Excels at Wisconsin Pro Day

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If the Bears are looking at a wide receiver in the second or third round, Nick Toon may have highlighted his name in the discussion - apparently the Wisconsin receiver had an excellent pro day workout. Toon improved his 40-yard dash by over a tenth of a second, added an extra inch and a half to his vertical jump and almost hit eleven feet in the broad jump.

Put bluntly, Toon's a strong receiving prospect who's physical off the line, has quick enough feet to accelerate and stop quickly, blocks hard and will fight off arm tackles, but has had somewhat inconsistent hands. Most importantly, he's 6'2", 215 pounds. In his senior season, he had 64 receptions for 926 yards and 10 touchdowns. His father is Al Toon, former first round pick of the Jets, whose career ended after eight seasons due to numerous concussions.

If the Bears picked up Toon in the second or third, I don't think many would complain. NFLDraftScout currently has him as the 12th best receiving prospect and number 100 overall. WalterFootball currently slots him in at Pick #6 (70 Overall) of the 3rd round to the Redskins, just four picks ahead of the Bears' first third round pick.

So I'll leave it to you guys - if Toon is there in the second or third, do you take him? Would you consider trading up into the later 2nd or earlier 3rd round to get him?