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Mario Williams Has "50-50 Shot" at Staying with Texans

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Mario Williams has been a hot topic amongst Bears fans, from Dan Pompei saying in a column that Williams should be the Bears' biggest priority, to our own Lester Wiltfong making his case for the same. The Bears should of course be in play for the former first overall pick who will be the best available defensive end, if not best available free agent, but if "a source with knowledge of the situation" is to be believed, there's a "50-50 shot" that Williams will remain with the Texans.

I'll agree that he's a 50-50 shot to stay in the following context: EIther he's a Texan or he's not. Two outcomes is 50-50, right?

Williams would cost a ton of money for the Texans to keep around - hitting him with the franchise tag would cost $22 million - and the defense seemed to perform solidly after Williams went down for the season in week 5. In those five games, as a 3-4 rush LB, he registered five sacks and a forced fumble, but the Texans have no shortage of pass rushers - first round draft pick JJ Watt picked up five and a half sacks at defensive end to go with 68 tackles overall, and Connor Barwin picked up 11.5 sacks himself.

Over the five years he spent in the 4-3, Williams has 48 sacks and ten forced fumbles. What's he worth to you?