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And the Salary Cap for 2012 Is...

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Jay Glazer unveiled what he heard for the salary cap for 2012 last night, but today it was confirmed that the salary cap will be set at $120.6 million. That's a very miniscule increase over the prior season's $120.375 million, essentially setting 2012's cap figure as flat compared to last year.

Don't get used to a flat increase though, as next year the cap should spike thanks to the new TV deal.

The cap figures also come with a bonus - the restricted free agent tenders franchise tag numbers were unveiled as well. For those, hit the jump.

One final note before that though - teams have to be at the cap number by Tuesday afternoon, and for the offseason, only the 51 highest-paid (yeah, only) players count.

The regular restricted free-agent tender is $1.26 million, while a second-round tender is $1.927 million. The first-round tender amount is $2.742 million.

Quarterback: $14.436
Running back: $7.742
Wide receiver: $9.515
Tight end: $5.446
Offensive line: $9.383
Defensive end: $10.605
Defensive tackle: $7.96
Linebacker: $8.856
Cornerback: $10.281
Safety: $6.212
Kicker/Punter: $2.654

... And we wonder why five kickers were tagged? Either way, this sets Matt Forte at $7.742 million.