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Colston's Out: Free Agency Starts Soon (Open Thread)

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The Saints have worked out a deal with potential Chicago Bears target Marques Colston, per Jay Glazer. has learned that wide receiver Marques Colston agreed to a five-year contract extension just hours before he was set to become an unrestricted free agent.

With free agency set to open in a few short hours, the Bears are watching another possible target disappear. The big names are still out there, but Colston was a name often bandied about as an addition to a Mario Williams acquisition.

It's a smart move for the Saints to make, and gives them some much-needed good news after their recent forays into negative press.

With free staring us down in a game of checken, what last minute things would you like to know? What rumors are you seeing? Feel free to contribute them in the comments, (source them, too!) and we can track things as the ever-awesome group that WCG is.