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NFL 2012 Free Agency Open Thread: Chicago Bears (and beyond)

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For the third consecutive year, Chicago Bears fans will not have to worry about which quarterbacks are on the market... And that still seems like an odd thing, despite having Jay Cutler on the roster since 2009.

With that being said, a couple of former Bears QBs are on the market- Both Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman will be looking for work when the bell sounds, along with slightly higher-profiled QBs Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn.

Another headliner, and possibly the most valuable player in the market, DE Mario Williams. The Bears have been rumored to be one of the leaders for a few days now, and Bears fans (and media have built high hopes.)

Keep it here today as we check in for any free agency updates, big news, or more. If you see news, feel free to throw it in the comments (don't forget your sources!), and we'll all hope that Emery doesn't drop the ball in this, his first big step towards building an NFL championship team.

Pierre Garcon signs with the Redskins, from Sean Jensen;

WR Pierre Garcon signed a five-year, $42.5 million deal with Redskins that includes $21 million in guarantees, according to league source

Chicago Bears talking to Jason Campbell to come be Cutler's backup per the Tribune.

Update: 4:48pm CT

Jets have interest in Brandon Merriweather, per Jenny Vrentas

Michael Lombardi says that the Seahawks will hold onto DT Red Bryant. - Packers starting with a splash.