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2012 NFL Free Agency Extended Edition Open Thread

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Hey, look, I found this picture of Brandon Marshall in a Blue and Orange shirt. He should be getting ready to wear a lot more of those again, as well as his trusty old #15.

He, of course, is the big news of the day, as the Bears pulled off the trade with the Dolphins for a 3rd round pick this year and next.

The Bears are also apparently looking at the back-up QB position, but may be out of the Mario Williams lottery. Some other Free Agency news from around the league after the jump.

Update 7:30pm

The Bears are reportedly very interested in defensive end Mincey, from Jacksonville, according to so many Twitter sources that we won't bother to listen here.

Per Schefter, here's the deals of the V-Jax deal in Tampa:

  • 5 years, $55.55 million
  • $26 million guaranteed
  • $36 million in 1st 3 years, $26 million in 1st 2
In other words, the Bears may have dodged a huge overpayment bullet when trading for Marshall. More after the jump.

The 49ers are interested in Former Chiefs CB Brandon Carr.

The Seattle Seahawks have retained the services of DL Red Bryant.

Fins and Browns are talking to Matt Flynn's agent. Doesn't mean they're out of the Manning race, but good for them to cover their bases. Have to wonder what the departure of Marshall means to any QB not named Manning, though.

The Bucs and V-Jax are thiiiiiiis close.

The Titans plan to host the former Vikings G Chad Steve Hutchinson.

Chad Henne to talk to the Jaguars.