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2012 NFL Free Agency: Day 2 Open Thread

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For the first several years of former Bears GM Jerry Angelo's reign, not much, if anything, was ever done during Free Agency. It led to an almost apathetic response from Bears fans... "Oh, Free Agency, let's watch all of the nothing that the Bears will do this year."

Angelo started coming around (perhaps the pocketbook was opened for him) a couple seasons ago, but it was too little, too late.

Enter his successor: Phil Emery. While Angelo's ne plus ultra will undoubtedly be the trade for QB Jay Cutler, Emery has jumped in feet first only weeks after joining the team, and already made a big splash by reuniting Cutler with a former partner in crime: WR Brandon Marshall. That should be fun to watch.

Bears Update: The team to meet with CB Kelvin Hayden today.

Some Day 2 story lines to watch for:

- Bears TE Kellen Davis making the rounds

- Mario Williams meeting with the Bills

- The Peyton Manning Sweepstakes

- Other QBs (Matt Flynn, Kyle Orton) and their landing spots

Now that the dust has been good and stirred up, thanks to the usual suspects (wide receivers), let's kick off Day 2 of Free Agency, and see if the Bears will make any more moves. Something tells me that Phil "Hard Worker" Emery isn't finished yet. Stay tuned...

UPDATE: The Bucs have signed OG Carl Nicks to a 5-year/ $47.5M contract, with $31M guaranteed.

UPDATE: QB Matt Flynn is scheduled to meet with the Seahawks tomorrow night, with the team meeting with Chad Henne today.

UPDATE: Tim Graham says "For what it's worth, Mario Williams spotted leaving Buffalo Medical Group office this morning. That would seem to be a physical, folks."

UPDATE: Lions sign WR Calvin Johnson to a contract extension through 2019. No, that's not a typo.