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The Bears Den: March 15, 2012

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"...where we'd like to thank Pete Dixon for his sterling service with the Den. For he's a jolly good fellow..."

Five Questions, Five Analysts - Bears get some love for day 1 Free Agency period moves. Rightly so.

Kellen Davis stays in Chicago, signing two-year deal - Drew interest from Bengals, Cowboys and Steelers, but not as a starter.

Jay Cutler gets his man in Brandon Marshall - "In his three up-and-down seasons as the face of the Chicago Bears, Jay Cutler's face has often told the story." Wait, don't let this put you off, Greenberg actually writes quite a good article here.

Follow WCG on Twitter. Jerry didn't, and look what happened to him.

Video: Brian Billick on the trade - "The Bears have not had a receiver for the past three years." Did he not see Roy Williams' first down celebrations?

Why Brandon Marshall’s mind might be a matter for Bears - How might Borderline Personality Disorder express itself? Bears believe they can handle Brandon Marshall - "Let's be honest. You don't knowingly take a risk on a marginal player. You take a risk on a player who can make a difference."

Brandon Marshall's "rap sheet" - Most rappers would be proud of it. Cutler thinks 'He'll be fine'

Why did the Bears sign Eric Weems? - Seifert: "There are a few theories making the rounds" ... here's a plausible one.

Bears keep Josh McCown on one-year deal - "If the Bears hold a camp battle for the third-string quarterback job, McCown won’t struggle to beat out Enderle." Another stellar draft pick by Jerry.

Free-agent RB Michael Bush visiting Bears - Biggs discusses the Bears' running back situation. Could Bush be insurance in case Forte holds out?

Herrera visit suggests Chris Williams heading back to tackle - Moon Mullin speculates. Would he be better than Webb on Cutler's blindside?

Bills making big push to get Mario deal done - Mario Williams (and fiancée) persuaded to stay one more night in Buffalo. Buffalo rejoices! Pipe dream of Bears fans on hold.

Orton signs with Cowboys for three years - Dat Orkman becomes Tony Romo's backup.

Jets, Patriots competing for LaRon Landry - Bears also reportedly showing interest. After last year's Brandon Meriweather fiasco, I'm willing to take my cue from The Hoodie.

Calvin Johnson signs huge eight-year extension - Bad news for the Bears: Megatron's here to stay.

Gridron-themed game from Japanese gameshow Takeshi's Castle. If they played the Pro Bowl with participants wearing those foam outfits, I would laugh my arse off watching it.