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2012 NFL Free Agency: Day Three - Open Thread

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With New Orleans Saints guard Carl Nicks off the market and heading to the Buccaneers, the Saints needed to fill the void, and they did so today by signing up a favorite of the WCG comment threads, Ben Grubbs. Grubbs was inked to a five-year, $36 million deal, that includes a $10 million signing bonus. That's another offensive lineman off the market. Will the Bears stand pat on the o-line or are they looking for bolster their beleaguered bunch?

- Mario Williams is still unsigned, apparently the Bills are offering the most money, but two other teams have jumped in the mix.

Stay tuned to Windy City Gridiron all day for breaking Free Agent news. We'll be updating this post as guys sign. More after the jump...

- Cornerback Richard Marshall goes to the Dolphins for 3 years and $16 million.

UPDATE - Safety Brodney Pool signs with Dallas

UPDATE - The Titans have offered Peyton Manning a lifetime contract.

UPDATE - Mario Williams will sign a 6 year deal with the Bills