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The Bears Den: March 16, 2012

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"...where we're just relieved that Brandon Meriweather definitely won't be returning."

Bears Have Been Contacted About Brandon Marshall Incident - Emery to "work through the process" with the NFL, says "Too soon to say if Marshall to be suspended"

After Jeremy Mincey stayed with the Jaguars and Mario Williams went to the Bills, now what for Bears? - Moon Mullin: Where do the Bears go to upgrade a pass rush that ranked 28th last year in sacks per pass play?

How will Bears utilize Kellen Davis? - Bowen wonders what Tice is planning. Hopefully different to Martz' usage.

Follow WCG on Twitter. I hear it's like wiping your arse with silk cursing in French.

ST ace Blake Costanzo is excited about joining Bears - Understandably so.

Emery, Smith lay out reasons for making Marshall trade ...the long and the short and the tall of it, though, is that he will help them win. Did the fact that he had experience of playing safety come into it? Let the wild speculation begin!

Brad Biggs' roundup of Bears moves - Interesting nugget: Bears TE coach Mike DeBord was at Missouri's pro day to look at tight end Michael Egnew, who had 140 receptions the last two seasons. Top Bears wideouts Knox and Roy Williams combined for 70 receptions last season. Just sayin'.

Don't judge Emery by Marshall, Campbell moves - Moon Mullin warns that Emery's main task is yet to come: build through the draft.

Brandon Meriweather gets two-year, $6M deal with Redskins - Shanahan's not a defense guy but luckily Snyder's an outstanding judge of free agent talent.

Top Potential 2nd Round Values - Wes Bunting's take on value picks in the 2nd round. Which of these might still be available when the Bears pick, and who would we go for?

Will the Bears upgrade the pass rush via the draft? Bowen throws out a few names that Emery might target in the 2nd round.

Brandon Marshall's four-TD performance in the Pro Bowl. Turn the sound down and enjoy.