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2012 NFL Free Agency: Day 4 Open Thread

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The wide receivers have certainly created the most hoop-la in the first few days of Free Agency, but the biggest story-line remains focused on one man: QB Peyton Manning. This morning we learned that Manning has informed the Dolphins that he will not be joining their team, and almost immediately saw the Broncos send a plane to whisk the QB up in hopes of luring #18 to Mile High.

Closer to home, the Bears newly-minted GM Phil Emery came to Chicago being lauded for his tireless work ethic, and despite already making some pretty significant moves, could very well continue to add to his roster.

Programming note: There will be a Bears team press conference at 12pm ET/ 11am CT to announce Brandon Marshall and Jason Campbell... Make sure to visit CSN Chicago for live coverage.

Make sure to visit WCG today often for all of your Free Agency/ Chicago Bears news...