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Highlights from the Brandon Marshall Conference

Technically the press conference was to introduce both Brandon Marshall and Jason Campbell as new members of the Bears, but of course Marshall was the main attraction. Marshall spent a large portion of the conference with reporters talking about his life and coping with Borderline Personality Disorder. Overall Marshall came across as contrite, well-spoken, and understanding of how his past troubles have shaped his perception of him. He hopes to be a nominee for the Walter Payton Man of Year award this year and help better educate the community on mental health disorders and issues through his foundation.

Jason Campbell came across as a gigantic man (6'5 240) while Jay Cutler provided some lighthearted moments (which didn't include hoping that Tice being O.C. would improve the offensive line play). Quotes from the presser are after the jump. You can also read up on linked analysis from ESPN Chicago, Kevin Seifert, and NBC Chicago.

On media perceptions of him based on the most recent allegation:

"Given my history, I definitely understand the concern and the questions, but there's not much I can go into with that."

"Those are the seeds I planted early in my career, up until last year. …. This time it's a little different, and I'm excited about that difference."

On coming to Chicago:

"It's a dream. I'm very excited. My family is very excited. We look forward to being an asset to this team and most importantly to the community."

On his relationship with Cutler:

"Right now, I'm talking to Jay and I'm not saying anything to him. We communicate without even talking. The body language, hand signals. It's something that you don't find easy."

Cutler on Marshall:

"I know him as a person. I know him off the field, and I know what kind of guy he is and what he brings to the table not only on the field but as a person in the locker room. As a citizen of the community, he's a special guy."

"I think (Brandon Marshall) has his stuff together better than 90 percent of this room."