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OSS: Guy Love. Between Two Guys. (Bonus: FA Overflow Open Thread)



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I didn't get to listen to the press conference today, but I did get read the highlights in T.J.'s post from earlier. I've also heard how much adoration these two have for each other both on and off the field in multiple interviews. They kinda remind me of another pair of fellas who share a similar "guy love" with each other.

And for those that have no clue as to what I'm talking about... just watch this video!

Seriously though... The guy love... JD / JC... Chocolate Bear... has their been a more accurate comparison to a Chicago sports athlete(s) since John Lucas, III and Carlton from Fresh Prince?

And as you can see from the very lengthy title... this is NFL free agency overflow thread. Which I'm kinda excited about, since I usually don't get many comments on my One 'Shop Stops. So get to it, and remember, have fun responsibly.