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Bears Rumors and Other Free Agency Happenings

Let's bring you up to date on what's going on with the Bears and the rest of the league.
  • The Bears are still interested in Amobi Okoye, but he wants to test the market.
  • Sean Jensen says LaRon Landry doesn't have a visit scheduled for the Bears.
  • The Bears are still talking with Matt Forte, but there aren't many signs of progress.
  • Corey Graham's visiting Seattle, and he's got four other teams interested at CB and Safety.

  • Eric Winston signed with the Chiefs to become their new right tackle. Brady Quinn also ends up heading to KC, and becomes the latest person able to upset Tyler Palko for the starting QB job.
  • The Patriots want Mark Anderson back (wait... someone wants him back?), but Trevor Scott does pretty much what he does - also signed to the Patriots, from Oakland. Anderson has a visit to Tennessee booked, and another scheduled with an unidentified AFC team.
  • The Bengals continue their relative recent splurge into free agency, signing Jason Allen.
  • The Patriots also added Anthony Gonzalez - not sure if he's played a full month in his career yet.
  • The Chargers got tight end Randy McMichael, backing up Antonio Gates.

Think the Bears can get by without Graham, considering the Costanzo signing? Want LaRon Landry to play safety? Any other players out there you want?