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Sunday Morning Free Agency Updates and Open Thread

Photocaption Contest: What got this reaction out of Cutler and Marshall?
Photocaption Contest: What got this reaction out of Cutler and Marshall?

Saturday was an awfully quiet day around Bears-land, but plenty of other teams found ways to keep busy. In addition to the signings linked up in yesterday's threads, some other interesting things of note happened...

  • Apparently Mario Manningham was in enough demand that while in contract negotiations with one team, he ended up signing with another. The Rams were pushing hard to sign him but the Niners are the ones that closed the deal, handing him a two year deal to play alongside Michael Crabtree and an old Randy Moss.
  • In other receiver news, whatever contract and agent snafu was holding up the Brandon Lloyd-to-Patriots deal, it's over. Lloyd was signed by the Patriots, though no terms were disclosed as of this writing.
  • Ted Ginn visited the Lions and the Ravens, and might be looking to latch on to a team as a return man as opposed to any kind of receiver.
  • In quarterback news, the Lions retained backup Shaun Hill for a two-year stint. Also, the Redskins signed back Rex Grossman for a one-year deal. If the play is to draft Robert Griffin III, Grossman will either be his token veteran backup or the interim starter while Griffin gets up to speed.
  • Under "Other players the Lions kept," file left tackle Jeff Backus, signed for two years.

This is your Open Thread for any and all Bears and Free Agency news that might continue to break today. If anything big happens, we'll throw it on the front page. All that said, Open Thread responsibly (TM).