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Sunday Free Agency Updates and Thoughts on Hibernating Bears

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So free agency rolls on, the Bears continue to sit on their early week laurels, and we have another round of updates to hand out...

  • Mark Anderson is still a free agent - the Dolphins had the ex-Bear and ex-Patriot come in for a visit, he's got another team visit scheduled for Monday, and the Jaguars are interested, but they haven't scheduled a visit with him yet.
  • Chad Ochocinco had a hard time fitting in the Patriots' offense, and with Brandon Lloyd signed, Ochocinco might have a hard time sticking on the roster. If he's cut, do you want him? Personally, no thanks.
  • The Cardinals sent lineman Rex Hadnot packing. I want him signed as a backup just to make the "If he only Hadnot let him pass..." pun. Seriously though, at this point, he's a backup guard and center.
  • The Dolphins met with Alex Smith and spent another five and a half hours with Matt Flynn - Flynn's also been in discussions with Seattle yet the Dolphins' new coach, Joe Philbin, was his offensive coordinator with Green Bay.

So I'm getting the impression that a lot of you guys are upset that the Bears haven't made any significant additions since the first two days of free agency. It's understandable - it makes these last few days seem like a letdown. But let's keep a few things in mind.

First off, did any of us hear anything while the Brandon Marshall trade negotiations were going on? Not really. Just because we don't hear anything doesn't mean that instead of calling agents and negotiating contracts they're playing Mario Party 9 in some massive front-office tournament.

Second, there's more than just the Bears' money at stake here. While free agents might not come here because the Bears didn't offer enough money, the Bears may not have felt they were in a position to offer that much money, given the cap, the other positions to fill, another draft class to sign in about a month or so... Plus, the season doesn't start for another five or six months. Things aren't anywhere near done.

I'm sure in a capless world, the Bears (and any other team for that matter) would be more than willing to pony up Mario WIlliams' $100 million contract. But that's the thing - it isn't just the Bears competing for free agents - every team is competing for free agents.

So take a deep breath. Things aren't over by a long shot, and there's still plenty of time to improve the team. I wrote a piece on Wednesday about how I'm satisfied with Emery so far. I still am, but let's give him more than this week to prove himself.