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Febearary Fever - Staley vs Smokey

We've moved into the third round of Febearary Fever and managed to do so with a little bit of Cubs-related drama. As I posted yesterday, the Chicago Cubs and Smoky the Bear second round matchup ended in a tie, so we did a 24-hour voteoff. And, in typical Cubs fashion, they choked when the going got tough, losing the tiebreaker 58% to 41%. Apropos, thy name is the Cubbies.

Onto the non-losers, #1 juggernaut Staley took down #4 Charmin in round two 91%-8%, further solidifying his place as the tourney favorite. The three-time Pro Bowler squares off against his friend #2 seed Smokey, whose name I've apparently been misspelling this whole time (stupid silent 'E'). Feel free to check out Smokey's journey over the years or partake in a 1952 Public Service Announcement song about Smokey.