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Free Agency Open Thread: Chicago Bears and Beyond

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The big news of the day that is being reported by numerous sources is the Denver Broncos will be the winner in the Peyton Manning sweepstakes. And with every winner, there's at least one loser, and in the case the biggest loser is Tim Tebow. So much for Tebowmania in Denver. For now Tebow is a Bronco, but I doubt that will last much longer. There's no way Tebow will be able to run the same offense as Manning.

- Former Raiders DE/LB Kamerion Wimbley is visiting Tennessee, and most experts believe the Bears will not be in play for his services.

I'd like to remind all our readers that only in Open Threads are certain more colorful words allowed. This thread is Open, and therefore rated WCG-MA. Our usual threads are solidly PG-13, and we appreciate how our members are able to distinguish between the two.

UPDATE - According to Brad Biggs, RB Michael Bush will visit Halas Hall on Wednesday.

- Former Raiders RB Michael Bush will visit the Seahawks on Tuesday.

- RB Mike Tolbert signed with Carolina

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