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Febearary Fever - Paddington Bear vs Teddy Ruxpin

Our final Febearary Fever first round matchup features two Teddy Bear knockoffs battling it out for a chance to square off against the real Teddy Bear in round two. #4 Paddington was created in 1958 as a children's literary character and was first mass-produced as a plush toy in 1972. He hails from "deepest, darkest Peru" and is a lover of raincoats and marmalade sandwiches (yum?). #5 Teddy Ruxpin was the best-selling toy of 1985 and 1986, the first animated (he blinked and moved his mouth) talking toy of its kind courtesy of batteries and a cassette tape (you know, that thing after 8-tracks and before CDs). Ruxpin was so popular that even strange, Frankenstein-inspired commercials such as this didn't dissuade parents from purchasing this pantless wonder by the truckloads back in the day. Consider Ruxpin a great-grandfather to Tickle Me Elmo.