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The Bears Den: March 20, 2012

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"...where we'll form an orderly queue to slap silly anyone who votes for the '86 Giants over the '85 Bears."

Marshall trade changes Bears draft scenarios - Moon Mullin thinks it unlikely the Bears will go after an OT in the first, though. LeGere doesn't necessarily agree.

With the music about to stop, who isn't going to find a chair? - A few teams are still looking for starting quarterbacks. We're not one of them, which is nice; could Orton or Campbell get traded?

The always thorough team report from USAToday. Peruse at your leisure.

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Emery gets creative preparing for draft - Our new GM taking first steps in making the system into his own.

The Metatron spake! - Larry Mayer on Weems' role, Marshall's history against our NFCN rivals, and the latest on Johnny Knox's recovery.

Prospect Irvin also would bring baggage to Bears - Lovie Smith looks over a defensive end with an interesting history.

Cutler, Marshall are both in their primes - So it's time to win something! Amirite?

Therapist Lauds Brandon Marshall's Openness About Mental Health - "The most important thing he's standing up and telling people, 'I can change, so can you.' "

Inside the NFL Draft: Vikings team needs - Know Thy Enemy 1: Vikings have to upgrade at the OT tackle position.

Lions tight but not idle in free agency - Know Thy Enemy 2: Lions bringing in some names well-known and oft-touted on WCG.

Tebow's Broncos jersey will be outdated but still useful - Seriously, it's never a good idea to have your crush's name tattooed on you. C-r-e-e-p-y. | Bracketology - In the "Greatest Team of All Time" stakes, the '85 Bears are up against the '86 Giants. Voting ends tomorrow. Due to uncertainty about how the voting slider works, I cast the most meatheaded vote possible for Daaaaaa Bears! Ditka. Polish sausage.

In case you need help, here are some highlights of Da Beloved's crowning glory (with apologies for the mullet rock):