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2012 Free Agency Open Thread

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We were going to go all day without another open thread, but with player movement still at the forefront of the sports world, we figured we'd allow you guys another chance to let it all hang out. Peyton Manning signs with the Broncos, so of course the soon to be traded Tim Tebow is all over the news. This gives me a chance to throw up a Tebow pic for you all to ridicule.

Remember that Open Threads are rated WCG-MA, so if certain naughty words offend you, enter at your own risk. And just because the thread is open, we still have some rules to follow; Community Guidelines.

- Brad Biggs believes that former Bears DB Corey Graham may garner interest from other NFC North teams

- LB Stephen Tulloch signs a 5 year deal with the Lions

- LB David Hawthorne to meet with the Lions

- WR Hines Ward officially retires