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Febearary Fever - Winnie vs Berenstain Bears

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The second quarterfinal matchup of Febearary Fever features another #1 seed squaring off against another high seed. #1 Winnie the Pooh took down #4 Baloo in a close 52% to 47% battle, while the #3 Berenstain Bears defeated #7 Bart the Bear 69% to 30%. While I haven't seen it, if you have kids the 2011 Winnie the Pooh movie has a 91% approval rating at Rotten Tomatoes, so it could be a solid nostalgic seventy-five minutes of entertainment. Or if you're cheap, Youtube has a few full-length Pooh movies here and here.

The Berenstain Bears live in a similar reality where the biggest issues in front of the characters are relatively tame - they are children's books, after all, and the Berenstain Bears have to deal with: messy rooms, too much junk food, going to school, visiting the dentist, and mama's new job. There are a ton of Berenstain short cartoons on Youtube (all roughly five minutes in length) if you feel the pang of your inner child craving overly simplistic issues resolved with simplistic rational thinking (wow, I sound jaded. Darn you adulthood!).