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Chicago Bears sign Michael Bush

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The Chicago Bears signed Michael Bush today to bolster the running back position. The former Oakland Raider is a tough downhill runner that should take on the short yardage situations from the soon to be released Marion Barber. Jason La Confora reports his deal is for 4yrs and $14 million with $7 million guaranteed.

This signing will give some leverage to the Bears in the Matt Forte contract negotiations if he decides to hold out.


Since debuting in 2008, Bush has increased his rushing yardage each year from 421 to 589 to 655 to 977.

This is a starting quality NFL running back, and at 6'1" 245 he had the body to withstand the goal line punishment. I wonder if the Bears will still be looking for the speed back they wanted to target... More likely they'll cross RB off their draft list and roll with the Forte, Bush, and Kahlil Bell threesome.