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The Bears Den: March 23, 2012

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"...where we, too, wish we could be disrespected by a near-thirteenfold increase in salary."

Michael Bush signs four-year deal with Chicago Bears - The Raiders' loss is our gain, not least all the puns we'll be able to make in the in-game threads. Impact on Forte?

Matt Forte unhappy about Bush signing, takes cue from Greg Olsen - Charmin has, apparently, never heard of this concept of "depth" on the roster. That, or he plays Madden with fatigue and injuries off.

Did Forte force Bears' hand? - Moon Mullin: "For the Bears not to firm up the depth chart behind him would have been questionable under the best of circumstances and downright foolish given Forte’s declarations."

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Forte seems petulant as contract talks drag on - Haugh: "Arian Foster, the NFL's leading rusher in 2010, made a mere $525,000 last season and nobody in Houston heard a peep of self-pity."

Contract tension plays out in Chicago Bears locker room - Matt Bowen on the dance of "the uniforms vs the suits".

Larry Mayer's Chalk Talk - Will the Bears will address their offensive line?

Bears on hand to watch Wright speed it up - Kendall Wright runs a 4.43 at Baylor pro day. Could this bump him above Michael Floyd? Bracketology - 1985 Bears vs 1981 49ers - Vote for who would win, the dominant 46 defense or the WCO designed to combat it.

Chicago Bears top 10 running backs - includes historic video footage of Bronko Nagurski and Rick Casares (see embedded below). Eat your heart out, HoneyBear!

Free agent Graham visiting with Lions - ST ace has a standing offer to return to the Chicago Bears, but is exploring options for a starting role.

Thursday morning one-liners: "Madden fans think more of Bears RB Matt Forte than QB Jay Cutler." - Or, Bears fans who voted realise team can better afford to lose Forte to "curse" than Cutler.

Cedric Benson says goodbye to the Bengals - Former Bear's exit from Cincinnati pretty classy. Perhaps a leopard can change its spots after all.

Pat Robertson: "A Manning injury would serve the Broncos right" - We look forward to Robertson's take on whether Bears should go DE, WR, OT or plain old BPA in the first round.

1943 Championship game: Wrigley Field in Chicago. Players out of dugout to camera. Sid Luckman passes to Harry Clark for Bear TD. Luckman makes long run to three yard line. Bronco Nagurski plunges for Bear TD and 14-7 half-time lead. Luckman intercepts Redskin pass. Luckman passes to Magnani for 36 yard TD. Luckman passes to Magnani for 66 yard TD. Luckman passes to Harry Clark for TD and 41-14 lead.