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Febearary Fever - Teddy Bear vs Gummi Bears

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The final quarterfinal matchup of Febearary Fever is finally here (finally). As proof that I rigged this tournament properly, all #1 seeds made it to the quarterfinals, with Teddy Bear taking down his Peruvian doppleganger Paddington Bear 73% to 26%. #3 seed Gummi Bears destroyed Steven's favorite video game character - this side of Luigi, anyway - Banjo 70% to 29%.

Teddy Bears are of course modeled after an incident involving then-president Theodore "Don't Call me Alvin" Roosevelt and a black bear, and have evolved with the times to include Vermont Teddy Bears and Build-a-Bears. Here's a great three-minute video invoking teddy bears, Shaun of the Dead, and a little Evil Dead (note: has zombie-bear related death scenes). As for the Gummi Bears, I can still hum the theme song to the late 80's cartoon, and if you're really feeling nostalgic, here's a full-episode. The candy Gummy Bears have been around since the 20's thanks to Haribo, and have continued to advance the causes of tooth decay and childhood obesity to this day. Beware the Cavity Creeps!