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Breaking News: Bears RB Marion Barber Retires

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This was a surprise. After the Bears fortified the running back position with the addition of Michael Bush yesterday, today they lose a player with the retirement of Marion Barber. From Brad Biggs;

announce RB Marion Barber has decided to retire. Not sure there would be home for him in NFL if he wanted to play

With Barber off roster, will save $2.0 million vs cap -- 1.9 base salary and 100K workout bonus

Barber will count $250K vs cap, pro-ration of signing bonus from 2011 of $500K

Odds were high that the Bears were going to release him after the Bush signing, but now he leaves the NFL on his terms. He had a rocky lone season in Chicago, but he did give a good counter-punch to Matt Forte. It's unfortunate that fans will remember his miscues in Chicago, and not the tough running he provided.

Helmet tip to SMD for being quick on the fanshot...