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Fan Post of the Week - 3/23/12

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Here at Windy City Gridiron, we have some of the best writers on the web producing countless numbers of articles daily, but we also have many great contributors that come from our readers.

It seems high time we start pointing some of them out.

This week's Fan Post of the week is To Reiterate, "Pay the Man" by And_Ditka_Is_His_Prophet.

This whole Matt Forte deal is becoming quite divisive among writers and fans alike.

Pay the Man currently is running at 121 comments. Anytime, a Fan Post goes over 100 comments, it did something right.

I seem to remember multiple threads last season stating that "the Chicago Bears Offense Revolves Around Matt Forte" and we need to "pay the man" I still believe we should. It sends a signal to the rest of the team that when you produce you will be rewarded. He has done everything that he's been asked to do. He's an example you want other players to follow.

Get in on the conversation if you haven't already.