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Official WCG Mock Draft - Pick #2: Washington Redskins

After WCG member crackedcactus selected QB Andrew Luck for the Colts with the first overall pick, Kev H has made a decision for the Skins.

With the second pick in the WCG Mock Draft, the Washington Redskins select...

QB Robert Griffin III

Kev: "The 2011 Heisman winner is athletic, flashy, and the Redskins traded everything but their moms to get the #2 pick. He is the kind of quarterback that you can conceivably build an offense around."

On the clock, picking for the Vikings: Swarley

Pick Team Member Back-Up Player Pos. School
1 Colts crackedcactus chitown-tony Andrew Luck QB Stanford
2 Redskins SKINSRULEU Kev H Robert Griffin III QB Baylor
3 Vikings Swarley Steven Schweickert
4 Browns suckmyditka chiguy8506
5 Buccaneers gioduder TJ Shouse
6 Rams boydvv54 Cutler6fan8
7 Jaguars T.Moore younghollywood5
8 Dolphins boondock_saint812 cubman987
9 Panthers Suffering from Chicago seanc909
10 Bills Acreman20 beefcurtains
11 Chiefs TheotherDane dieseld3
12 Seahawks myronaiii jameslcrockett
13 Cardinals el_padrino Cutler6
14 Cowboys frenchbears113 Cutler6
15 Eagles Badgers7 Sam Householder
16 Jets chitown-tony BOBdaBEAR
17 Bengals rdr3131 Steve Ronkowski
18 Chargers tks24 seanc909
19 Bears beefcurtains suckmyditka
20 Titans seanc909 dieseldc3
21 Bengals IOftenPanic Cutler6fan8
22 Browns dabears85 Tudy
23 Lions Champaign Cubbies Pete Dixon
24 Steelers thepreacher Dave Gilbert
25 Broncos j.katz myronaiii
26 Texans dieseldc3 boondock_saint812
27 Patriots oreo72910 frenchbears113
28 Packers CurtisEnisFan ThorCo
29 Ravens chiguy8506 Jason Akker
30 49ers BearNecessities TheotherDane
31 Patriots Geo4MVP Cutler6
32 Giants awfullyquiet BOBdaBEAR