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Febearary Fever - Staley vs Berenstain Bears

Its semifinals time for Febearary Fever, so before you soak in an afternoon of college basketball games and mocking our WCG members' mock draft picks, take a literal second to vote. The first semifinal features #1 seed and clear frontrunner Staley, who trounced the Ditka Division while defeating #8 Grizz, #4 Charmin, and #2 Smokey along the way. Staley took down Smokey in his closest matchup yet, 81% to 18%, so yeah, he's in charge here.

Staley faces off against the pesky Berenstain Bears, who emerged from the Payton Division victorious after taking down #6 Ling Ling, #7 Bart the Bear, and last week defeating #1 Winnie the Pooh 56% to 43%.