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The Bears Den: March 26, 2012

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"...where we advocate forearm-waxing. For men."

Marion Barber says he's retiring - Barber announced his retirement on Friday after seven years in the league. Seems unlikely that he wouldn't have found a landing spot elsewhere, Moon Mullin.

Lovie: "In Chicago ... there will always be a premium placed on the running back" - Doesn't meant the premium has to be on a single set of legs, though. Chew on that, Jim Trotter.

Dolphins were going to cut Marshall anyway "to protect team morale" - Never loved him anyway, faked it in bed, and had no need of by far their leading receiver. That last one will help team morale a lot...

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Corey Graham signs with Ravens - No word on if this is Harbaugh the Elder getting his own back for draft day botch.

George McCaskey reflects on his first year as Bears' chairman of board - "Q. Once the labor situation was resolved, what stands out? A. We didn't make the playoffs." I like.

Mad Matt Forte isn’t an elite back - "He wants to be treated like an elite back, but he’s more gimmick than go-to. He’s a versatile back who has taken advantage of an offense lacking a real receiver that has had to turn to him out of the backfield."

Michael Bush fits Chicago Bears with or without Matt Forte - "The louder and longer Forte complains, the happier the Bears should be to have Bush." Just Dave with Bush joke in 3, 2, 1...

Big Sandy, Texas, tells the tale for Bears coach Lovie Smith - If only Lovie still had that 'fro. He would rule the sidelines, and Bears fans could combine the Ditkastache with the Loviefro!

Bears' 'triad' still only No. 3 in the tough NFC North - ...Though, the weakness of ordinal data is the assumption that there is an equal degree of difference between ranks. In other words, take this analysis with a pinch of salt.

2011 Pass Rushing Productivity: Edge Rushers - ProFootballFocus' Pass Rushing Productivity stat reveals Bears in both the top 20 and bottom 20. Guess who's in which.

NFL scouts: a look at the top OLB/DE prospects - Since we'll be looking for an edge pass-rusher in the draft, here's a rundown of top prospects and whether they project to be hand down or upright rushers. Speaking of DE prospects...

DE Irvin will visit Bears before draft - Lovie Smith made the trek to West Virginia last week to take a look at Bruce Irvin and get to know the defensive end a little bit better.

Bears stockpiling weapons, but can offensive line hold up? - "... While you can blame former GM Jerry Angelo for avoiding linemen in the draft like they were poison sumac..." Oh, believe me, we do.

Vikings keep Aromashodu - Apparently the Vikings are stockpiling, too. Is there interest in the Vikings' No. 3 overall spot from a QB-desperate team?

Anthony Hargrove visit telling for Packers - Packers looking to improve pass rush via free agency. No word on drunk women crying about wearing the wrong jersey resulting in playoff loss.

Caleb Hanie to be Peyton Manning's backup in Denver - Peyton the Elder's backups have traditionally been afterthoughts. Either that, or John Elway knows something we don't.

Rules changes focus of NFL owners meetings - Instant replay and IR main topics as the owners consider several rules changes at spring meetings this week.

Last word on 40 times - Are the numbers misleading?

Interview With Marcus Price, Former Player Of Gregg Williams - WCG's very own Lester A. Wiltfong, Jr had a chance to speak with a former NFL offensive lineman who played under disgraced coach Gregg Williams.

Browns' Taylor a nuisance to QBs, seatmates alike - Nothing to do with the Bears, but here's an amusing story about Browns DT Phil Taylor messing with a man next to him on a flight.

How many people can play on one guitar at the same ti-HolyMotherOfDitka that guy on the right has hairy forearms!