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The Bears Den: March 27, 2012

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"...where we're unaccustomed to the novelty of being able to take BPA in the draft."

Wind shifting in mock drafts - Moon Mullin summarises some of the mock drafts out there following the Marshall trade.

Peter King's top 10 FA moves - Includes two former Bears. TE Jacob Tamme caught 67 passes from Peyton Manning in 10 games in 2010. Somewhere, Roy Williams practises his first down celebration.....

Ted Phillips: Matt Forte is going to be a Bear - Bears also saving cash for Cutler (contract expires 2013), Melton, and Urlacher (both in their last year).

Follow WCG on Twitter. It's a beast.

Okoye to meet with Bengals - Hopefully Bengals will keep underspending.

Moon Mullin: the Bears don't see OL as much of a disaster as some do - You, me and Jay hope they're right.

Dolphins' Ross on Marshall trade: We got fair value and we think the football team is better for it. - "Ross is known for saying things that aren’t necessarily 100 percent accurate."

Payton made Bears' 1975 draft special - And then some!

2011 Elusive Rating - Two current and two former Bears show up in PFF's 20 most/least elusive runner categories.

ESPN's John Clayton: Why the Bears shouldn't trade Forte - Worth more to team than it would get back in return.

Johnny Knox aims to play in ’12 - Ted Phillips: "The reality is, we love Johnny Knox, and we’re rooting for him, and we’re hoping he can get back."

The Proposed NFL Rule Changes Are... - Lester A. Wiltfong Jr goes over the proposed rule changes. What does Bears chairman George McCaskey think?

Bowman gets free-agent deal with Vikings - Vikings sign former Bear CB to one-year contract.

Speaking too soon on 2014 salary-cap spike - Are we wrong to assume the salary cap will increase sharply in 2014?

Retired Marion Barber sacrificed his body - Cowboys saw for themselves how his bruising style was taking its toll. Game-losing mistakes took their toll on Bears fans, too.....

The terms "elite" and "beast" are thrown around rather freely when discussing Forte's qualities. Here's a truly elite running back, presented by a beast of a runner.