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Chicago Bears 2012 Draft Order Finalized

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Draft_mediumIt appears that the draft days that David Taylor so gloriously documented for us are over.

The NFL announced the full draft order today, and as we found out yesterday, there are no compensatory picks for the Bears.

They do, however, have a pick in every round, something we aren't familiar with, and they also are not absolutely tied to having to draft any one position.

As this can be unsettling for the sensitive stomachs of many of our readers, please go after the jump to see when the Bears are picking.

Round Pick Overall
1 19 19
2 18 50
3 17 79
4 16 111
5 15 150
6 14 184
7 13 220

As you can see, the Bears pick in the middle of each round. So let's begin debate #300 about the draft. Who do you want to see taken with the 19th, 50th, 79th, 111th, 150th, 184th and 220th picks?