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Febearary Fever - Yogi vs Gummi Bears

The other semifinal for Febearary Fever is here! And there was much rejoicing throughout the blog. #1 seed Yogi the bear emerged from the Papa Bear Division unscathed, defeating (in order): #8 Bobo, #4 Boo Boo, and #6 Conan O'Brien bear. Having survived a close call with the late night king of busy hands, 52% to 47%, Yogi sets his thieving little eyes on the #3 seed from the Ditka Division, the Gummi Bears. Those delicious little rascals took down #6 Pedo Bear and #7 Banjo before outlasting the #1 seed Teddy Bear 63% to 37% in the quarterfinal round.

Poll closes on Friday so get your votes in now!