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Official WCG Mock Draft - Pick #12: Seattle Seahawks

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If defense wins championships, then why are most of the mock drafters going offense so far on our Windy City Gridiron Member Mock Draft? That's a rhetorical question. Picking at #12, for the Seattle Seahawks is myronaiii so without any further adieu let's get to his pick and his "brief" explanation.

And with the 12th pick in the WCG Mock Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select...

David DeCastro, Guard, Stanford

myronaiii: Like most teams, Seattle has multiple holes to fill (giggity). They are currently short two starting linebackers, they needed help on the defensive line, they started Tarvaris Jackson, and their Oline was in shambles. I could throw WR in here as well, but I've got to think Rice and Williams can stay healthy for an entire season at some point in their carriers; plus, they have young WRs that are helping out (see Doug Baldwin).

Although most mocks show them going DE, and I almost chose Ingram here, I couldn't stop staring at their offensive line. They had multiple linemen go on IR last year. Some of them are gone to free agency, including a starting guard, and some of them are still recovering from injury. Additionally, I dare you to go look at their bios. At least 2, if not 3, of their starting OL were on practice teams within the last couple years. They are serviceable, but not elite. And that is were DeCastro comes in. This guy can push DT's back into linebackers. He's strong, smart, and has an aggressive motor. I read some sports writer mention that he saw DeCastro jogging....AFTER HIS PRO DAY.

Seattle just signed what they hope will be their franchise QB (I know, I know...there's a "competition" between Flynn and Jackson, but come on). They also locked down Lynch. They need an elite player on their offensive line. They already have an at least average center and one good guard. I think with DeCastro, who has the skills to be a top Guard in the league, they will have the ability to pass more often because a pocket will be created, and they'll have a better running game with DeCastro making holes or pulling to provide relieve on outside runs.

Finally, regarding this pick, one of the tipping point factors was this team signing Omiyale. If you read their website about the signing, it repeatedly states the Bears released him solely because of salary cap issues. It said nothing about his stats and ratings. If you are signing Omiyale to come on to your offensive line, that position is obviously a need.

Note: In real life, I would've traded down to around 19-21 and grabbed a DE there and hopefully add an additional second rounder. Also, I think that Seattle's LB concerns can still be addressed in FA, and a good LB can be had in rounds 2-4. Depth at DE is why I had to pass up that position. At pick #12, I feel more confident that DeCastro will be a Pro Bowler than I am the DEs on the board. Plus, regarding DE, Seattle just signed two starting DEs.

On the clock, picking for the Cardinals: el_padrino or Cutler6...

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Pick Team Member Back-Up Player Pos. School
1 Colts crackedcactus
Andrew Luck QB Stanford
2 Redskins
Kev H Robert Griffin III QB Baylor
3 Vikings Swarley
Matt Kalil OT USC
4 Browns suckmyditka
Morris Claiborne CB LSU
5 Buccaneers gioduder
Trent Richardson RB Alabama
6 Rams boydvv54
Justin Blackmon WR Okla St
7 Jaguars T.Moore
Michael Floyd WR N.D.
8 Dolphins boondock_saint812
Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A&M
9 Panthers Suffering from Chicago
Quinton Coples DE N.C.
10 Bills Acreman20
Riley Reiff OT Iowa
11 Chiefs TheotherDane
Dontari Poe DT Memphis
12 Seahawks myronaiii David DeCastro OG
13 Cardinals el_padrino Cutler6

14 Cowboys frenchbears113 Cutler6

15 Eagles Badgers7 Sam Householder

16 Jets chitown-tony BOBdaBEAR

17 Bengals rdr3131 Steve Ronkowski

18 Chargers tks24 seanc909

19 Bears beefcurtains suckmyditka

20 Titans seanc909 dieseldc3

21 Bengals IOftenPanic Cutler6fan8

22 Browns dabears85 Tudy

23 Lions Champaign Cubbies Pete Dixon

24 Steelers thepreacher Dave Gilbert

25 Broncos j.katz myronaiii

26 Texans dieseldc3 boondock_saint812

27 Patriots oreo72910 frenchbears113

28 Packers CurtisEnisFan ThorCo

29 Ravens chiguy8506 Jason Akker

30 49ers BearNecessities TheotherDane

31 Patriots Geo4MVP Cutler6

32 Giants awfullyquiet BOBdaBEAR