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The Bears Den: March 28, 2012

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What are Bears thinking with Forte? - Is the Bears' valuation on Forte based on expected shelf life, or on the gaping hole in his game?

"The biggest offseason in NFL history" - But no mention of Marshall trade or Forte twitter rant?

Larry Mayer's Chalk Talk - Edgy and controversial, as always.

Follow WCG on Twitter. Even edgier and more controversial.

Mike Shanahan: Brandon Marshall will be a hit in Chicago - Speaks highly of former players Marshall, Cutler.

Reader Q&A: Dan Pompei's mailbag - Fields queries regarding Forte, Bush, Bell, Webb, the draft, Wootton.

Anonymous NFL insider: Marshall trade smells fishy - Though, really, the bottom line is that we now have a top-tier receiving threat to pair with Cutler, and we got him for a Juaquin Iglesias and a pool-jumper. That's worth a kipper in my book.

It's all one, big happy family on Bears management team - Chairman, president and coach united in praise of new GM.

Bears' draft order set for all seven rounds - Hey, we have picks at the top of the draft!

USAToday 1st round mock draft - Five writers select four different players for Bears at #19.

Extra 2012 draft picks work against Bears - Packers, Cowboys, Vikings and Giants were all awarded extra draft picks. Moon Mullin lists a few late-round gems that teams hope these can turn into.

How to grade the WR position - Matt Bowen's five keys to look at in tape study.

2011 Yards Per Route Run: Wide Receivers - PFF analyses another stat of WR productivity, Bears feature at top and bottom of the list. Next up: grading WRs on quality of first down signals.

Are they defensive ends or outside linebackers? - Greg Gabriel takes a closer look at the draft's 'tweeners.

Packers coach on Marshall joining Bears: 'They definitely got better' - We hope so. Meanwhile, Packers looking at OT, pass rush help.

Lions bring back Kevin Smith - Appear to be planning a rotation of three easily-injured RBs. Innovative. Bracketology: 1985 Bears vs 1976 Raiders - It's evenly split right now and voting ends at 5pm ET, so go vote.

(*Cat stepped on my keyboard while I was pondering today's tagline.)

Everyone likes an orchestra.