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Ham and eggs with Lovie Smith

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The NFC Coaches Breakfast was this morning and Head Coach Lovie Smith was there to answer some questions about the state of Chicago Bears: including where they stand at LT... Johnny Knox's progression... Matt Forte versus the man... and much more.

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I have edited out the '#Bears Coach Lovie Smith' in front of the tweets, and combined some of them to make this a bit easier to read through. Without further ado...

Sean Jensen (twitter)

#Bears coach Lovie Smith on his team’s needs: "From the smallest fan to the oldest fan, ’Hey, we need a No. 1 receiver."

believes @GabeCarimi will be ready to go for the season.

said RB Marion Barber did everything the club wanted him to do. but Michael Bush can do more than Marion Barber.

on free agency: "It’s not over. We’re still looking. To me, we have momentum going into the draft."

on @KahlilBell32: "I felt comfortable with Kahlil in the No. 2 role. But, it’s about the strength in numbers."

"Right now, @MattForte22 the football player has a problem with our organization. It’s not about one person."

"We feel comfortable with J’Marcus Webb at left tackle. But, Gabe Carimi could play at left tackle. We have a lot of time right now."

on WR Johnny Knox: "I just know Johnny is working hard each day. He’s made a lot of progress… It’s amazing how people have diagnosed when he’s coming back. It’s pretty early for all that."

Lovie Smith said he wants to stress that the team isn’t looking for a left tackle. "We’re comfortable" with Webb, he reiterates

on @D_Hest23: "We’ve been trying to get this happy medium, this perfect play time and how we’re going to use Devin…. He will be a part of our offense."

Smith said there were many disappointments in an 8-8 season. But "one of them has been not using Devin Hester the way I think we can. But, like everything else, we’ve identified the problem."

I asked Smith if Brandon Marshall will be the X receiver. "Is he your X? We have a lot of flexibility with him."

on his starting safeties: "I’ve been on record of liking Major Wright. As a tackler, and a guy with ball skills. Chris Conte, same thing. Love Chris Conte. So I’m excited about what they’re going to bring. And, of course, Craig Steltz, has filled in wherever we’ve needed to."

seems content with Chris Conte and Major Wright as his starting safeties and Craig Steltz as a key backup. But, he did say they’ll need to one another.

on Kellen Davis returning: "It was important to get him back. We’ll have a role for him."

Dan Pompei

on Brandon Marshall: For Chicago Bear football, I thought he would be a perfect match.

on offense: I think we’ll consistently see what we want to be, rather than on occasion.

on Gabe Carimi: he should be "good to go" for offseason activities. RT is probably the starting spot. But he probably could play LT.

says Michael Bush will have similar role that Barber had, but will be more involved in passing game because he has good hands.

Lovie sounds not too concerned about Forte, saying he hasn’t missed anything he’s supposed to be at.

Lovie does not not rule out adding a LT, but says he would be comfortable with starting J’Marcus Webb there. "We like the group of OL we have right now. We can be successful with them. But if someone can improve us, we’ll look at them."