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The Bears Den: March 29, 2012

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"...where we're wondering if the ghost of Al Davis helped the '76 Raiders edge out the '85 Bears..."

Bears sign WR/ST/KR Devin Thomas - Just need to prise Aromashodu back from Vikings to form "The Three Devins" backups singers receiving corps.

Third receiver addition points Bears draft elsewhere - Also gives Bears two kickoff returners while Johnny Knox is out. Bears know Thomas from 2008 workout.

NFL ratify changes to overtime, replay rules - Still OK to horse collar QBs in the pocket. Trade deadline, roster changes to be voted on in May.

Follow WCG on Twitter. You axed for it.

Bears 1st Round Options - 5 prospects. 3 if we're not looking at WR. Top ten unrestricted free agents left.

Lovie Smith sees mostly blue sky for Chicago Bears - "Expect more Chicago Bears-style football"? I don't care what it looks like. Just win, baby.

Bears don't share your OL concerns - Bears have addressed their blocking schemes more than they have their personnel, haven't ruled out Carimi to LT. Salary cap considerations factor in, too.

Early winners and losers after two weeks of NFL free agency - As a franchise, Bears are doing well so far.

Free-agency losers: Matt Forte, Stephen Ross headline group - Ross by a country mile.

Lovie on upset Forte: 'It's not about one person' - Lovie knows there's no "I" in "team", but Forte may not be as gud at spelling...

Forte coming up in trade what-if's - Moon Mullin: trade with Patriots very unlikely, based on Hoodie's history.

"Marshall hasn't exactly played up to [his] skill set" - In the context of the dross we've had to endure at that position recently, I'm still as happy as Larry. Larry Mayer, even.

Lovie keeping busy eyeing prospects - Mentions having spent an entre day watching Baylor's no huddle offense. Nothing about what expression he was wearing at the time.

Run Stop Percentage: Linebackers - PFF looks at 2011's most productive run stoppers among the league's linebackers. As we expect, Lance Briggs doing his job as the playmaking Will.

Know thy enemy: Adrian Peterson on target for Week One return - Because WCG regular Robert Rence needs something to look forward to!

At least one of you has to let Christopher Walken read "The Three Little Pigs" to your kid(s) and let us know how that goes down...