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The Bears Den: March 30, 2012

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"...where it's only fair to warn you that once you've heard it, you can't un-hear it."

Mullin: Bears draft targets shift to “D” - "...defensive end or cornerback the likely Chicago targets," says a veteran NFL personnel executive.

[Video] Kap & Bowen on the Bears' offseason - Bowen makes some interesting points about Bears' biggest need in the draft ("issues" vs "holes").

Could Devin Thomas finally break through on offense with Bears? - Hey, he'll be coached by Darryl Drake!

Follow WCG on Twitter. #adultdiapers

Emery already putting his stamp on team - “Never make a decision in a vacuum,” Emery said. Nothing about what tune to whistle.

Chance to win lured Weems to the Bears - That and the weak depth chart, I'm guessing. Will Sanzenbacher be the odd man out?

What does it mean when you bring a prospect in for a visit? - Next week: Greg Gabriel on whether or not to hold hands on a first date.

Pass Blocking Efficiency: Running Backs - PFF looks at the best and worst pass blocking backs. Forte struggled in that role.

Ware, Matthews and Welker don adult diapers - But it's all for a good cause. Lance Briggs' bet with ESPN1000's Carmen, Jurko and Harry (if the Bears'd won their first three games) would have involved adult diapers, too. Can't help but think three Chicagoans breathed a small sigh of relief after week 2 loss...

Earl Bennett shoots the puck at Blackhawks game - Not wearing orange cleats, obviously.

Cincinnati Bengals really should change name to Cincinnati Felons - Not content with players making the headlines for the wrong reasons, a Bengals cheerleader gives it a proper go.

Know thy enemy - Packers sign Anthony Hargrove to boost anaemic pass rush.

Know thy fellow human being - "When Green Bay Packers safety Nick Collins sits down with his head coach, his general manager, the team doctor and his two agents sometime next week, the consensus in the room will be that he should retire." Worth reflecting on Johnny Knox' future, at this point.

Christopher Walken + rock classic = full of win.