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Febearary Fever Round Two - Staley vs Charmin

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We've finally finished off round one of Febearary Fever - with a few matchups still available to vote on from last week - so its on to the sweet sixteen with a matchup featuring a heavy favorite to win it all. #1 Staley crushed Grizz 96% to 3% in the first round, and squares off here against #4 Charmin who emerged victorious over #5 Snuggle 53% to 46%. Staley is the Bear's mascot - who apparently was drafted by the team in the first round of 2003 - and holds team records for most t-shirts shot into the crowd (1920), most single-season costume changes (77), and most dance moves (exceeds infinity).

#4 Charmin bear replaced Mr. George Whipple as the Charmin spokesperson, and currently there is actually a family of Charmin bears apparently comfortable with discussing with each other their bathroom experiences. I don't see how Charmin has a chance here, but let the best bear win!