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Emery's GM Role Will Involve Lots of Scouting

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A lot of times, we see the general manager of a team as just a guy in the office who does most of his work via television or telephone. Not Phil Emery, though - his plans as a general manager will be to "get his eyes on players."

We've heard enough of Emery's well-regarded work ethic, but his plans sound fairly ambitious - he plans to see four college teams per week in person, a methodology similar to Ted Thompson, Scott Pioli, Kevin Colbert and Thomas Dimitroff.

Emery's plan is to watch the Bears play Sunday and stay with the team through Wednesday. By Wednesday night or Thursday morning, he will be traveling to a college to watch practice or a game. He will be away from his team until Sunday, and he aims to see four college teams a week.

Thompson and Colbert both think it broadens their understanding of the players they see on film or on television.

"You can watch a lot of tape in the office, but there is a value in talking to coaches at the school, seeing the players in person and being there," [Thompson] said. "I just get a better feel that way."


"It's not that you don't trust your scouts, but you want to see a lot of the things they are telling you for yourself," Colbert said. "It reinforces the legwork they do. I always feel better after having done a lot of the same work they have."

Giants' GM Jerry Reese still spends his fair share of time on the road, but he spends more time back at the office and with the team than he used to.

"Even though scouting is in my blood, being around the team is much more important because so many things happen," Reese said. "I like to be there. The head coach likes for me to be there, the trainer likes for me to be there. The owner. There is always something that comes into my office almost every day, so it's tough to get out."

Colbert and Thompson both agreed that technology makes it easier to keep in touch with the home office.

Does Emery's plan sit well with you? How would you rather the general manager of your team take his role?