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The Bears Den: March 5, 2012

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"...where the IRS has it's own kind of hit stick."

Franchise Tag for Forte? Smart play...for now. Bowen: Will the Bears' RB ever see long-term money?

Franchise tag just the first step for Forte The Bears may have placed the franchise tag on Matt Forte, but John 'Moon' Mullin says it's not the end of contract transactions for the running back.

Deadline for franchise tags nearing Krinch: The deadline for NFL teams to apply the franchise tag is today at 4:00 p.m. ET.

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Gregg Williams, NFL officials to meet again Monday regarding bounties Mort: Former Saints and current Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams will meet with NFL security officials Jeff Miller and Joe Hummel on Monday for another round of dialogue pertaining to alleged violations of the league's bounty rules, sources said.

Matt Bowen: Bounties are part of the NFL Bounties, cheap shots, whatever you want to call them, are a part of the NFL and an ugly tradition exposed in New Orleans, but it can't be laid solely at defensive coordinator Gregg Williams' feet. This is a terrific read if you've been out of the loop. Bowen talks Saints' bounty system

Hanley: Taking Down Bennett Earned Saints’ Harper A Big ‘Bounty’ In talking about his hit on the Bears' Earl Bennett, Roman Harper of the New Orleans Saints didn't mention that he pocketed enough cash to pick up the check for the entire Saints defense at one of New Orleans' priciest eating establishments.

Bernstein: We Can’t Be Too Mad About NFL Bounties Gregg Williams and others may have broken the rules as they tried to get the most out of their defensive players, but they were not making NFL football something inherently worse than it was, is, or will be.

Oilers/Titans had performance pool, too With evidence of the teams for which Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams worked over the past decade having internal systems that paid players for specific instances of on-field performance, it's no surprise that there's now evidence of the team with which he spent a full decade doing the same thing.

Buccaneers hire Ron Turner as quarterbacks coach Marvez: Josh Freeman has a new tutor. A source told that Ron Turner was hired as Tampa Bay’s quarterbacks coach.

In the NFL, it's impossible to predict the future accurately Banks: You only need to review the recent past to tell just how ridiculous it is to try to predict the future in the NFL.

"Hit Sticks on Deck" (NSFW):